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Vinícius Couto - Artista Visual e Performer

The artvist and Creative Director has been using tools to expose his experiences and research based on gender, race, class, sexuality, LGBT movements and their intersections, with the intention of awakening new formats of reflection. At the center of his work, the artist questions the imaginary constructed by non-normative corpses.

In the visual arts, cinema, theatre and fashion, he seeks to combat the daily reproductions of violence to which his (our) body is subjected.

In 2016, after contracting HIV, Vinicius was selfprovoked to openly perform his HIV status, aware of the  assibilities that his body promotes itself. Planning his coming out of the AIDS closet, he created  Libertar-ser"in 2017. On the following year, he created "I=I or "Undetectable = Untransmissible". It  remiered at the Cairo Biennale - EG in 2018, and was exhibited at MAM-SP and CMA Hélio Oiticica - RJ in 2019.

Throughout his research as an artist, he uses experience as a definition for the theory of (his) existence. In 2021 he crossed the Atlantic and is now based in Europe. He participated in the first Radicale1924 residency in Saint Cirq Lapopie, France, where Andre Breton had first surrealist manifesto. Him and Monica Hirano were the only residents approved in ETOPIA, Center for Arts and Technology's open calls in Zaragoza, Spain.

Couto was also one of the confirmed participants of Konvent.0's summer 2022 residency in Barcelona, Spain. was one of the residents of Linha de fuga, Portugal.and is a resident artist of Palacio do Grilo Lisboa.

His provocation comes, above all, in the use of desire as a form of deconstruction, in (re)existing in the face of decolonial processes, of anti-heroism in the representations of power and induced consumption as a gay, Latin American, of peripheral origin.




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Nome da Exposição, Local da Exposição



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Nome da Exposição, Local da Exposição

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